It must have been difficult for those kids born in America to grow up without coming home for years, some of these Nigerians abroad must have drooled often at the mention of coming back to Africa.

However, because of the cost and sometimes, logistics involved, most of them resort to staying forever in the United States of America.

The Washington DC chapter of Anambra State Association USA has done something remarkable by the construction of Igbo village in Staunton Virginia.

This is totally amazing because it was built with mud , making it a typical African home in America.

One of the organizers have this to say: “We are building ulo aja in America in the way it used to be in Igbo land to show our children here our cultural Heritage.

“In due time , we will not see these kind of houses in Igbo land but you have to travel to United States to see our mud houses.

“The State of Virginia and US government recognize the Igbos as one of the early Slaves who settled in Virginia.These Igbo Village is located in Staunton Virginia in US.

Basil Chiji Okafor, added “Thanks for all the effort to re-direct the attention of the younger generation to their original homeland. Very important, especially as we have lost thousands of our war children to Gabon.


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