A leaked document has revealed the proposal NHS directors would like to execute before the end of the year, with £5 million being planned to be cut from the South Gloucestershire funding.

The most vulnerable patients in the area are risked to being overlooked. Children with complex medical issues and cancer diagnostics are on top of the list proposed for the cut. General medical treatments of low priority/demand are second on the list.

With a number of protests currently taking place across the United Kingdom, it remains to be seen how another secretively proposed cut initiative will be met by an already tense group of NHS activists.

People marching with banners to protest NHS cuts

Despite the recent public outcry about the NHS cuts and nurse pay, public sector executives across the country are desperately looking to cut down the deficit that currently stands at a whopping £4 billion.

Additionally the NHS bosses have been heavily criticised for their “lack of decency” in a way the proposed cuts are handled, with the British Medical Association accusing NHS executives of shrouding the process in “totally unacceptable secrecy”.


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